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Hotel for celiacs

Hotel for celiacs

Hotels for celiacs: our customers with this food intolerance, we can rest assured!

What is celiac disease? Celiac disease is a gluten intolerance, a protein substance found in wheat, spelled, kamut, barley, rye, spelled, oats and triticale. In Italy it is estimated that one out of 100/150 people is subject to this intolerance. Indicatively, celiacs should therefore be around 400 thousand, but around 75 thousand have been diagnosed. Five thousand new diagnoses are made annually and 2,800 new celiacs are born every year, with an annual increase of about 10%. To cure celiac disease, it is necessary to exclude some of the most common foods, such as bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza, from the diet, but also to eliminate the smallest traces of flour from each dish. This implies a strong commitment to nutrition education. In fact, the intake of gluten, even in small doses, can cause damage.
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