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The lagoon is an excellent area for the reproduction and moulting of innumerable migrant birds. An excursion by boat or on foot offers an incredible opportunity of seeing beautiful birds such as the red heron and imposing birds of prey such as the kite and the buzzard. The “casoni”, are the typical fishers’ huts, set deep in the pinewood. If you visit Bibione natural surroundings you cannot miss the Tagliamento mouth or the lighthouse area which enclose several natural settings: the shore, the dunes, the pinewood.

Valgrande is designed for biological fish breeding, but it is also a naturalistic oasis with its secular holm-oak grove, rare flowers and plants, deer, boars and wild horses, as well as the dunes which can be 11 metre high. Set deep in the luxuriant vegetation there are the remains of a Roman villa with its still visible ancient mosaics. You cannot miss also the Mediterranean Garden in Bibione Pineda, where routes and accurate identification labels help you to spot more easily the specimen of autochthonous flora and local fauna.

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