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Safe holidays with maximum cleanliness

The Victoria hotel is pleased to let you Know all the activities it has adopted to guarantee you a safe holiday with maximum protection.

The hygiene and cleanliness of the rooms have always been a priority at the Victoria Hotel and today they are even more important. This is the reason why we also work on the training of all our staff, in order to give the best service to our customers.

In our rooms

We have adopted alcohol-based detergents with medical certification to sanitize floors and surfaces. We pay particular attention to the cleaning of air conditioners and their filters, remote controls, buttons, door handles, windows, wardrobes and showers.
Any pillows and blankets placed in the closets are protected by closed bags, which guarantee the use of sanitized products for each guest.
We have also equipped ourselves with an ozone generator that eliminates bacteria, molds and viruses, which we use periodically.
All the staff of the various departments use personal protective equipment in accordance with the law.

In common areas

The hotel has common areas available that naturally guarantee the rules of social distancing. Good ventilation of the premises is always preferred to enjoy a holiday dedicated to safety.
In cleaning, particular attention is paid to handles, buttons and shelves. We clean all common areas more than once a day with alcohol-based detergents, with medical certification. We periodically use the ozone generator to eliminate bacteria, molds and viruses.
The columns with the alcoholic detergent dispenser for cleaning the hands are present in all environments, which are however ventilated several times a day. This year we have favored online check-in, to avoid unnecessary waiting and / or queues upon arrival in the reception area.

At the restaurant

All tables are properly spaced as required by law.
We have reorganized the entire restaurant service. The dishes are chosen from the disposable menu, which changes every day. The buffet is not self-service, but is served by waiters equipped with protective equipment.

The private beach

The hotel's private beach guarantees the right distance from other families, to enjoy your holiday in complete freedom.

The heated mini-pool

The pool is automatically treated with chlorine sanitization, just as required by law. We clean all the common areas of the pool several times a day with alcohol-based detergents with medical certification, we pay particular attention to the buttons, the support surfaces and passage areas.
All the beds are adequately spaced and arranged to ensure ample space between families.
The management controls the number of accesses to the swimming pool and sun terrace to ensure maximum safety and maximum comfort for everyone.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification.
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